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                             Laugh, Laugh (Writer: Ron Elliott)

        I hate to say it but I told you so

        Don't mind my preaching to you

        I said "don't trust him", baby, now you know

       You don't learn everything there is to know  in school

       Wouldn't believe me when I gave advice

        I said that he was a tease

        If you want help you better ask me nice

       So be sincere, convince me with a "pretty please"


           Laugh, Laugh, I thought I'd die

           It seemed so funny to me,

           Laugh, Laugh, you met a guy

          who taught you how it feels to be

         Lonely, oh so lonely

     Don't think I'm being funny when I say

     You got just what you deserve

     I can't help feeling you found out today

    You thought you were too good you had a lot of nerve

    Won't say I'm sorry for the things I said

    I'm glad he packed up to go

    You kept on bragging he was yours instead

   Found you don't know everything there is to know


  Before I go I'd like to say one thing

  Don't close your ears to me

  Take my advice and you'll find out that being

  Just another girl won't cause you misery

 You say you can get any boy at your call

 Don't be so smug or else

 You'll find you can't get any boy at all

 You'll wind up an old lady sitting on the shelf


 Lonely, oh so lonely


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