The Beau Brummels, are formed with members: Sal Valentino, Ron Meagher, John Peterson, Ron Elliott, and Declan Mulligan.  The name Beau Brummels is picked as it sounded British (however, the band themselves are not from England. They are from San Francisco except Declan, who is from Ireland)

 The Brummels performed nightly at the Morocco Room (a night club). Their Big break came when they met Tom Donahue, a local radio personality, who was on the prowl for new talent to sign to Autumn Records. Tom met the Brummels at the Morocco room.

 The Brummels recorded their hit song, "Laugh, Laugh" produced by Sylvester Stone (later, of "Sly and family stones" fame). In their successful year of "65" another hit song, for the Brummels during this time was "Just a little". Appearances on syndicated rock "n" roll shows like "Shindig" and "Hullaballoo", the band was also cast as cartoons charters, with small parts on the "Flintstones" show.

 The Beau Brummels also made appearances in the movie "Village of Giants." With co-stars, Ron Howard and Beau Bridges. The Brummels part in this movie was filmed in one day at the Whisky -A-Go-Go. (they also did not meet any of the stars in the film.)

They also toured cross-country, during this time. 

           Other songs are released. The beau brummels last top 40 was "You tell me why".



 Once Autumn records folded, there were no more hits for the Beau Brummels.  Signed to a new label Warner Brothers, which under contract made them release an album of cover songs such as "Mrs. Brown", "Louie, Louie", and other songs for popular bands of the 60's, calling the album Brummels "66".

 "Triangle" is released in August, songs such as "Magic Hollow," "Are you happy," "Don't make promises," and many more great pieces of writing and singing. All fail to hit the charts though.

        In 1966 The Beau Brummels make a appearance in the movie "Wild Wild Winter".*



The final album, "Bradley's Barn" is recorded in Nashville at "Bradleys Barn" studio, with a collection of music like "Deep water" and "Loneliest man in town".


 Bradley's Barn and Beyond...

Sal Valentino and Ron Elliott, parted ways after "Bradley's Barn", the rest of the band had already left.  Sal Valentino would later form the band "Stone Ground" a bay area band. Ron Elliott went on to create one solo album. 



 A reunion comes about, with original band members, Sal Valentino, Ron Elliott, Declan Mulligan and John Peterson, which they created one album for Warner Bros. the album reunion produces one tour.



 Ron Elliott and  Declan Mulligan tried to launch a new Beau Brummels. Sal Valentino and Declan Mulligan tried again a few years later...



 Not much is heard of the Beau Brummels. Their song's are played on many radio stations, and "Laugh, Laugh" is picked as one of the 500 greatest songs at the Rock "n" Roll hall of fame, in Cleveland.

This website comes on-line (one of the only sites about the band, at the time) in 1999.


 2000 and Forward...

 A new Greatest Hit's album is released. A website is also setup to sell the Brummels "75" live concert CD,  www.beaubrummels.com (Sal Valentino is now in charge of the website) The Brummels perform at Bay Pop, with original members: Sal, John & Ron Meagher.

*Ron Elliott designed a poster due to health problems he is un-able to perform, Ron is also a wonderful artist.  

The Beau Brummels also made a appearance performing at the "Summer of Love" show in 2002.  Sal Valentino, Ron Meagher and Don Irving, were the lineup.

Currently, Sal Valentino performs once in a while, in the Sacramento area.

 Even though it has been years, since they had their biggest hits, the Beau Brummels are still remembered as one of the greatest rock "n" roll bands, from the 60's . They still have many fan's who would love to see them live and hear new music! And a generation that a waits to discover their music.

Also, they are in the waiting line, to be inducted into the "Rock "n" Roll Hall of Fame" a honor they truly deserve.

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*Wild, Wild Winter is no longer available for purchase.   

*The above information was collected from many sources. Please contact the site, if something is un-true or you would like to add more information.