Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Beau Brummels Questions!

Who are the Beau Brummels?

 The Beau Brummels, are a group who had major successful hits in the 1960's. The band members are as follows: Sal Valentino, Ron Elliott, John Petersen, Ron Meagher, Declan Mulligan.

What were the Brummels biggest hits?

The Beau Brummels most successful chart topping songs were, "Laugh, Laugh" and "Just A Little".

Are the Brummels from England?

 No! Although at times their music sounded very 'British', The Brummels are not from England. All of the Brummels except Declan Mulligan, who is from Ireland, are from San Francisco, California.

Are the Brummels still performing?

The Beau Brummels do perform from time to time with each other. They performed at 'Baypop' in 2000 (a annual event in San Francisco) and most recent at the "Summer of Love" concert series in San Francisco, in 2002. Sal Valentino also performs quite a bit on his own. Ron Elliott due to health problems is un-able to perform anymore.

How can I find a copy of the Brummels non-available albums like "Triangle"?

You may want to try on-line auctions like, amazon, or e-bay.  Many people are selling brummels stuff at these auctions.  Triangle seems to be a very popular brummels album, that the fans love very much.  It was asked many times if Triangle was ever issued on CD, at one time (not sure which year) it was available on that format, and still is from time to time on auction sites, like .

Where can I find available albums for sell or posters, photos?

 You can find all the available albums right from this site under Brummels Music, Just click onto a title and then on it's photo and you will be sent over to where you can find purchase info. As, for photos and posters is offering some of these at a fair price, as well as merchandise autographed by Sal Valentino. But if you are looking for older posters and collectables from the 60's you would once again try the auction sites.

What are the original Beau Brummels up to today?

 Sal Valentino is currently still active in the music business, touring, and recently recorded a tribute album to Bob Dylan (for more info on Sal, please visit his website at:

Ron Elliott is a excellent artist and has painted some Fabulous pictures! He is also is still writing songs.

Ron Meagher has been working for many years in the computer graphics field, and in 00 and 02, performed with the Beau Brummels, for their two shows.

All the Beau Brummels seem to be living in California. 

Take a moment to Read The "Meet The Band" Pages. For information on each individual Brummel.

When did this site come on-line, and who designed, and maintains it?

 The Fabulous Beau Brummels site came on-line in November 1999, there were no other Brummels sites at that time. It is designed and maintained by Cass Kessler, a Beau Brummels fan! :)

Are there any Brummels on-line clubs or message boards that I can join?

 There is a Beau Brummels Yahoo! Group where you can post, meet other fans and chat. At one time there was a joint Message Board here at that site, however, the service that was being used, shut down, and all communctions are now through the Yahoo! Group.

There were many interesting posts at the message board, by people who have been involved in the Brummels career, for the fans enjoyment and interest many of those messages have been archived here at the website. Please visit the News section for more info.

Can I add to the site? 

Yes! You are most welcome to help with the site. One way you can, is by sharing photos and your story behind them, for inclusion on the site. You can also send the site your memory of a Beau Brummels concert you may have attended, on the "Tour Memories" page.

Have The Brummels ever met the Byrd's?

I have been told that YES they have met the Byrd's.  It was sometime when the Byrd's were beginning their career.


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