November '07 Updates!

 Original Beau Brummels drummer John Peterson has passed away. For more information visit:

Read about John's work with the band "Meet John"


New photos! Photos of Ron Elliott, Ron Meagher and Declan Mulligan have been submitted to the website and added to the photo gallery. These photos were taken earlier this year.


2006 Updates

 The San Francisco Chronicle has written a story about Sal Valentino. Be sure to read it from the SFC website!

Sal Valentino has released another NEW album of music "Come Out Tonight" -the album can be purchased through the following website Fat Pete, audio samples of the songs are also available! 

Sal Valentino has released a brand new solo album! Listen to sound clips, and order it now at the following website:

 Photos of John Peterson have been added, along with a 1960's article about the Beau Brummels! Check it out! Meet John - "Laugh, Laugh" interview. Thanks to the fan who sent them!

  "Magic Hollow" box set is now available, from Rhino Handmade. This long awaited cd collection contains 113 Beau Brummels tracks, a total of 2500 limited edition copies have been made for sale, order now!

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